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What would be good, is the option to set clan members to auto form parties, not meaning armies. The issue is if I am captured and one or more of my parties are wiped out and I have free clan members not assign to a job eg. governor, caravan ect there is not option to get them to create a party, so if all of my parties are defeated and i am in captured then my lands are defenceless if just formed or have a small kingdom.

Suggestion is to have in clan window in party section a toggle to turn on or off party creation/disbanding. As well as assigning clan member to a list in party section of the clan window, so if turned on your clan members in the list from top to bottom will create party based on the clan tier. This will mean if one party is defeated and there is a clan member on list free they will and the max parties have not been meet then they will make a party and start recruiting. If this is done have party max -1 so that the player can still create a party once free or have player always count as party.

The NPC clans can keep making parties even after other clan members are captured yet the player can not do this if he/she is captured.
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