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What a sorrowful time this is. Where should I begin? Well, I suppose my introduction to Hamor is a good start..

When I first joined the Australian Warband community, it was through a different regiment. Other Warbanders told me of both his reputed stormy temperament and his prowess at the game.  I first encountered Hamor around early 2014, during one of my first line battles, while on the opposing team. He was having a debate in the chat, the nature of which I do not recall, and surprised everyone by replying with a deep explanation of something to do with Tolkien’s universe. From that point on I knew there was something more to Hamor.

Later in my time on Warband, while co-adminning with Hamor for a line battle (he had flatly refused to admin as a spectator), I joined the VG TS to coordinate with him. He was fully immersed with leading his regiment. His leadership was flawless, and his confidence in his regiment was strong. I watched as he ordered them, as Grenadiers a Cheval, to do the unthinkable- charge into a large regiment of infantry that was fording a stream- which they did, and decimated them with ease. I stayed to chat with him after and found that beneath his outward haughtiness (which, I might add, he had the skills to warrant) lay an intelligent, hilarious, and altogether amiable lad with genuine, endearing qualities.

Some time later, I joined his regiment, and shared many a good time with him. He would have me load the cannon for him, all the while training his spyglass on the enemy artillery. As they were about to fire, he would tell the regiment where the shot was aimed. If it was headed for me, “jump, Guynemer!” was the order, and God have mercy if I didn’t share the Marshal’s skill at leaping over an incoming cannonball, because he certainly would not! Nor if I didn’t return to ramming the barrel immediately after…

I didn’t play with Hamor much outside of Warband, but we did share a penchant for griefing. I will always fondly remember a particular time during which he, Dimos and I teamkilled on War Thunder. We blew AA trucks by rolling them over, pushed others into a lake to drown, and shot the rest in the back, all with riotous laughter.
Naturally, Hamor had his comical eccentricities too. I recall one particular occasion during melee practice. I fluked out and killed him with a desperate spin-to-win technique. The Marshal fell silent. I apologised for this dastardly deed and he piped up again.

Hamor was a competitive player, and a man of charisma. He made no apologies for his tone, his disposition, nor his convictions. After all, the glorious Vieille Garde had a hard-won reputation to uphold. He elevated a mere game to an art, as any video exposition of his melee skills will show. He was a mastermind, a megalomaniac, and most prominently an entertainer. Whether you laughed or groaned, there was no doubt that Hamor’s antics stirred excitement for the game in all of us. He had charisma. Most of all, to those who knew him even just a little better than the wider community, he was a good friend. I will long lament that I did not spend more time with him, having been on a long gaming hiatus in the ‘real’ world. Hamor would have gone far in life. Alas, his relentless perfectionism was bound to clash with an imperfect and often unfair world, sadly this has happened with such a tragic consequence.

Memory Eternal, Marshal. We’ll see you again..

Bani (Jeune_Garde_Cap_Guynemer)

Was going to post some fun screenshots from our LBs but the forum won't allow me..
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Napoleonic Wars Servers:

MenOfValor Servers - 12 Perma bans, countless Temp bans
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NW Official AUS - 4 Perma bans, 1 Temp ban
GGS Servers - 1 Temp ban
GroupFighting - 1 Perma ban
NappysSerious_RP - 2 Perma bans, 1 Temp ban
RKR Servers - 2 Perma bans on all Servers
42ndRof Historical Event - 1 Perma ban
84e Server - 1 Perma ban
18thKGL Server - 1 Perma ban
BG_Groupfighting - 1 Perma ban
BGG_Bot_Survival - 2 Temp bans
BG_Campaign - 3 Perma bans
GS_Servers - 2 Temp bans
Oceanic Event - 12 Perma bans

Native Servers:

American Siege Server - 2 Perma bans
GameArena Servers - 4 Temp bans
Catfarm Servers - 2 Temp bans
BGC Servers - Perma banned on all servers
Aus Native Battle - 2 Temp bans
Aus Native DM - Perma ban
Razers Server - 4 Perma bans
Dragallon Server - Perma banned
Simple Servers - 2 Perma bans
Bjornia Native - 6 Perma bans 11 Temps bans
NG_AUS - 6 Temp bans

Persistant World Servers:

AvalonNA - 2 Temp bans
ShatteredRealm - 2 Temp bans
NCRP Servers - 1 Perma ban, 2 Temp bans
MOV PW - 2 Temp bans
GGS PW - 1 Perma ban, 1 Temp ban
BG_PW - 1 Perma ban
OcG_PW - 1 Perma ban, 1 Temp ban
PW_cun - 1 Perma ban, 10 Temp bans
Peasant_PW - 4 Perma Bans, 2 Temp bans
Swordguys_PW - 2 Perm bans, 1 Temp ban
PW_Kingdom - 9 Temp bans

Viking Conquest Servers (first player Perma banned in the World):

GloVineInvasion - 1 Perma ban, 1 Temp ban

Persistant Age Servers:

SOCA_PA - 2 Temp bans

AngloZuluWar Mod Servers:

BG_AZW - 1 Temp ban
MOV_AZW - 2 Perma bans, 6 temp bans
NA_AZW - 1 Perma ban, 2 temp bans


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