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Gone before his time but he left his mark on the Oceanic community. I can't imagine how his family & friends are feeling it's been on my mind quite a lot since hearing the news yesterday.

When remembering Hamor lets look on the good times, his artillery shots wiping regiments, getting battered by his look-down swing-left French Officer of the Garde.
I just heard about this from Dimos. RIP Hamor

My thoughts and wishes go out to his family. I didn't know him personally or real close for that matter. However, I remember having good interactions with Hamor and to me, he always came across a well put together guy. Though he was often on the other side of many community dramas I was an admin for, you could always count on him letting his voice be heard, whether it was coming from him personally or on the behalf of his group of teammates. Like many have said he was a character where many players knew him and what he stood for and I respected him for that.

Mental health struggles are indeed one of those things that do creep up on those close to you. So please do be open and listen to those around you, many are afraid to seek help where others try to battle it on their own. Everyone needs back up once and awhile. Be sure to read Adorius's post further down as he has a lot of good advice there.

To end this post I remember editing a Warband tournament video 6 years ago where Hamor was a finalist. Enjoy the man's swordplay at work.

It is extremely saddening to learn that someone so young has taken their own life.

For his friends and family struggling at this time I am sorry. I am sorry for your loss.

To anyone else who might be struggling. Just remember darkness is nothing but a lack of light. There is always hope and love waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. Don't give up hope. Don't be alone. Life is bad sometimes, but sometimes it is very good. Its ok not to be so ok. Say yes to life!

Remember to check on your brothers boys. You never know how they feel inside. Sometimes all they need is a phone call or an offer of a cold one. Mental illness can strike the strongest of us. Chat to your mates.

Lifeline: 13 11 14 - https://www.lifeline.org.au/
R U OK - https://www.ruok.org.au/

Love you all. Stay strong.

Hamor was a polarising guy, I don't think he thought much of me however he was someone in the napoleonic wars community who was a strong leader who ran multiple regiments during the 2013 to 2016 napoleonic wars in ANH, Glovine, Boomerang and other communitys. As much as his vexing attitude was sometimes annoying, he was someone you'd see on the battle field and admire.

I am disappointed you will not be with us in Bannerlord.

Raises... a donger in memory.
I'm sad to see Hamor go. But probably for the wrong reasons. I had a strange curiosity of what he would be like when we all inevitably returned with Bannerlords release. I feel the same way about a lot of the old Warband/NW players but Hamor was a little different. To be frank, I have nothing but negative memories about the guy. You couldn't trust him. He always had an agenda of some kind and if you didn't fit into or conform to his vision then prepare to be (pick one) Shouted at/CAPS LOCKED/Reported/Abused/etc.

Hamor had a certain charm. But more of someone who knew when to switch it on when it would help him get what he wanted. Whether that was to get one of his many alts unbanned, or after he realised he went too far after abusing someone.
He was probably the single most toxic person I have met online and I have not missed over these last 5ish years, dealing with his snide PM's over Steam after his latest small victory.

I am not a hateful person, and I never 'hated' Hamor. But there is far too much positivity in this thread about him. While it's terrible he died and it sounds like there were some serious mental hurdles he unfortunately did not overcome, he was far from a 'Pillar of the Community'. To me he will always be remembered for two things; for being excellent at M&B, and for being an absolute dickhead.
To be fair, his only real contribution to the community was keeping those around him interested in the game.

You're not the only person who thinks that. There are many others who I've recently spoken to who have told me that they couldn't care less what has happened and/or will not offer their condolences because of the things that Hamor did when he was around.

Personally, one of the worst things I've seen him do was make fun of people with medical conditions/physical or mental handicap but I never realised it was that severe until someone told me this:

^^ Not naming names but this person told me later on that they almost did as well...

It was hard for me to write my post earlier but now that more and more people are telling me things like this, it's making me almost want to take my original post back.
Yea looks, guys. Honestly, maybe I am just speaking for my self but... From spending a large amount of time in this community and its communities I can near safely say. That I learnt to take what people say with a tiny grain of salt so i don't get upset when it comes to banter. If you come back to the same place after not feeling comfortable with a group of people only then to play a type of victim after months/years of affiliation to the point you could be called a regular.  Please.... just SUPRISE Derp!  :party: :party: :party:

Thinking back I have trash-talked many of you... Maybe I went about it in a different way. Maybe i apologised at one point... Maybe i didn't give an Adorius at that point in time.  Either way, its the internet and a lot of people in the Oceanic community can say or do what they want because its the internet. THE INTERNET!!! Don't make it your life!!! :ohdear:

We all have our opinion of people. Some of us can't afford mirrors so I understand sometimes i speak without thinking as well. Now saying stuff like this person is the single most toxic person you have ever seen??? Yea cool story man open your sleep for 3 days straight crust covered eyes. Are you trying to become a Journalist for the Greens party or something?? The internet is full of memes, Trolls, Coomers, And Basement dwelling university students that form communities for them and there kind and that have a life expectancy of 32 years of age maximum. And Hamor is the best you can come up with ??? You just elevated this person in your own mind to Legendary status I hope you no this is what he probably would have wanted.

Too much positivity???? bahahahaha
Cmon man your not a Positive person
You're not even Optimistic.

I can't express what I would like to in the way that I would like to because this is the tale worlds forums. But Dandy you are incorrect! Actually late 2012 I found out about Hamor and despite his aggressive persona and quick to make fun of attitude i personally would just give it back to him or mute him for a day or two. Thinking back on what has happened since the birth of Warband and all the stuff that has gone by the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of this person is Good tactician and loves to talk smack. A tad like Napolean Bonaparte. But because this is a video game community and we talk English not romanticized french his banter came out differently that's how I see it.

Please guys if you feel uncomfortable around somebody
Talk to your best friend
Dandy you can come and talk to me anytime :smile:  :fruity:
Vaim said:
Too much positivity???? bahahahaha
Cmon man your not a Positive person
You're not even Optimistic.
You obviously don't know Dandy that well then :razz: Probably one of the chillest guys from the Warband days.. not to mention.. THAT VOICE!

In all seriousness, Hamor was certainly one of the biggest "trolls" back in my days at least.. however he obviously had some charisma that found players wanting to play by his side, so hats off to him for that. I am sure he had a positive impact to them, so no doubt, will be missed. Definitely not a pillar of the community in my eyes and probably doesnt deserve the praise but then again, maybe that's just my experience, I still remember contacting his dad once :razz:. It's probably also not the time to debate it.

RIP Hamor.
:roll: Sorry i forgot to mention that i failed to see his shimmers and daisy chained essences of positivity flowing from his slippery eloquent  body. That Milkman/Happy lollypop man Persona. I don't no dandy very well you are right . Within the context of the topic that was being spoken about i found it very sour which is not how i like my Medicinal edible's. About as positive as a Michelin Man in his 40's.

It's always saddening to hear someone go like that. However, like Dandy I only have negative memories of Hamor. It is clear now that his behaviour was most likely a result of whatever mental issue’s he was suffering from. However, that does not and should not excuse the behaviour. There’s a pretty fine line between trash talking, banter with friends and then telling people to drink bleach and kill themselves, having witnessed this and much of his manipulative behaviour he was certainly not a pillar of the community. Dandy sums it nicely for me, and I expect a lot of others as well.
Dandywarhol1 said:
To me he will always be remembered for two things; for being excellent at M&B, and for being an absolute dickhead.
He was a pillar of the community he attended events with a sizeable portion of players which would have otherwise been as bland and boring as a gofer humping a log. Hmmm, yea I think you right Rebound....... Nah sorry pretty sure telling people to drink bleach and kill themselves fall under trash talk unless you have depression or something...  Which i am sorry if any of you do.

I found what happened at some of these events absolutely hilariously funny and I'm sure others that attended did as well I'm not speaking for myself when I say this but at least half the time the drama that unfolded with him being there was piss funny.

You should feel blessed to have witnessed his abuse and totally cruel and outspoken behavior. I am sure you are still recovering over what you have been through. All those years of torment, All those years of pain and suffering. You are an inspiration to us all Rebound of how a person can from such low depths rise up and show his brave spirit...

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