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We could start playing Full Invasion Osiris. We could get our own server and start doing weekly events. We literally got around 20 AU players and a few EU players 2 days ago. The mod only came out a few days ago and is catching on by all the communities.

Here's the steam group


It's all dead yed. I can tell you for sure that AU would have no interest in abandoning native and as well as that, there would be 0 new players coming into the game. Jumping through hoops and going into ur game files just to play the game is too much effort for new players. They'd go back to single player before they even got it working.
We had a good system for a while when active mods would change a DM to battle after player count picked up a bit, but never lasted more than a few days as mods lost interest unfortunately.
Hope we can all agree that there's no point trying to revive warband in its current state. best we can do is have some fun duelling every now and then and jsut wait for the hype to pick back up for bannerlord hopefully.


I didn't mean drop native, I'm just saying that we could occasionally play FI2 to spice up the game. You don't actually need to dig into your game files to get Full Invasion working, the mod is on the steam workshop. Even if it didn't work and you had to go to ModDB, it wouldn't be too much of a hassle, I'm tech illiterate and I've made countless ModDB M&B mods work.


No new players are even gonna play bannerlord mp lol. Modern gamer goes to LoL, dota 2, fortnite, cs or ow and that's where 99% of modern mp gamers go. Why would someone learn to play a completely new game with a completely foreign gameplay style (blocking system) when they can find games in 2 mins on a moba or on some fps game. Bannerlord mp will be popular for a week then die (in OCE). 


Warband scrims were so intense. We had a good thing going for a little while. I'm sure when Bannerlord comes out, as has been said, there will be a short-term spike in people playing.

Whether it becomes popular or not, it matters not. There will always be a bunch of Warband and Chiv people interested from Oceania.


nice to see ur still peeking in doom

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There was a March on Rome event last night with around 50 people, I think they plan to do more on different mods and possibly Native or VC battles.

While they had quite a strict rule set for the MoR event, it wasn't really enforced. Personally I think they shouldn't try implement the role-playing of NW linebattles onto other mods as it typically doesn't translate well, and perhaps they will relax the rules going forward and aim for creating a larger scale public battle.

Not sure how long it will last, and I expect them to take a break over the holiday period, so hopefully this lasts in the New Year.


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