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Meevar the Mighty

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I wonder how many assholes that makes me... :shock:

Good to hear nze will return. Taught me some valuable skills (immediately quit and rejoin with another name if anyone kills you, collect warband keys in case you step on an admin, heckle time wasters, the list goes on), despite being king of the 2000+ hour assholes. He really is a top bloke on the inside of some part of his crooked machine brain.

I think we can extrapolate that new players will see the second coming of the assholes (hundreds of them, each with thousands of pro tips "You'll get better, chump") as the most important thing that could ever happen to them, if they can bring themselves to each give themself a little pinch, so they might believe that it's not just an impossible dream.


Painful as it may be, Keen drove me to keep playing.
Ignoring the trolling/abuse/heckling/amusement, the ease in which they pummelled the majority of players pushed me to try and learn how to compete with them.

(not 100% sure, nze ~ hygie? If so, I was still learning to block when you would wander in and pummel the entire server on your own. So. Much. Rage.)


Cannot wait for Bannerlords.



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Hamor said:
Bannerlord will be great.

"last night i have been eating heaps of vegetables and i took a **** and it came out all green, when I had to wipe my bum it was ****ed and all green"

"ITS NOT A ******** AK YOU STUPID ****"
- Dimos

"Ahorius pussytome"

"I was fingering my bumhole while you were talking Haymor"

"Let me put my belt back on because I was fingering my bumhole" -Dimos

Greetings And Salutations Friends,Children Horesons & Bastards it is i Dimos the (-King-) Of Calradia my spy's Have recently informed that my last 3 letters have been sabotaged  i had all 3 of there heads Brought to me by oen fo you Messengers goign by the name of Baron Bananas he is very rude  i have dispatched my army's as promised 1200 Calradian Heavy infantry and 700 RagTag Pre-Teen Tagalongs and siege equipment as promised the lands of Lounge Chair Calogs Corn Flakes will crumble soon and as i stated to my previous ambassador even though you cut his head off  you might have many but i have Moore Highly Trained men for instance i have the many bridge trolls of Calradia constantly Pa-Trolling my many Bridges that connect Calradia to the lands of LCC your 200,000+ are like wicker shielded retards to my Spartans  i will attack soon Before Banner-lords is out you will Crumble Beneath my Booth Heal in the past i have not sent any army's because  my men were to few and you retards were many so i soloed the army's of lcc all bye my self with my massive sword of justice and pwnage but now that you are in peril and you leaders are menacing each other i will strike with the full force of the Calradian Royal Army it seems some of your Generals like Lolabality think i am autistic but as i stated befor my autisim has only gone up 2% in the last couple of years and your generals Troll-Ability has gone down atleast 65% where as my Bridge trolls Ability to Pa-troll my many Bridges has goen up 70% due to my far superior intelligence there is a time  in everymans life where he msut make a great decision that will affect the rest of his life and now i choose the time that will effect the manhood of every man to ever Say He was In Lcc when i was young my father told me something he said Son This land is to small for you you must find your own kingdom and always be an enemy of Lcc Always! these are my lands these are my people they are MINE!

Dimos reply to Ryans farewell message

"-Greetings- It is i Dimos The -(KING)- OF Calradia one minute please -Noise of chains shackling take that peasant to to the Gallows slave ahhhm yes now my spies have informed me that the Republic of Lcc is Rebelling as of lately I Dimos the king of Calradia offer my full support to the rebels i will send 1200 Calradian Infantry and 450 cavalry and siege equipment and if all goes well Lcc shall fall before Bannerlords is out Baron Bernus was never the king of Calradia but he tried to take my seat of power This means WAR! i will take the state of Lcc and incorporate it into my Kingdom for years i have been soloing the armys of lcc swinging my sword of massive awesomeness because sending my army into battle at the time was suicide it was litrally a battle of 200,000 vs 300 so i solo'ed as many as i could being the king of Calradia i survived but now that LCC is crumbling i well send the Full force of my awesomeness and Crush lcc i shall land the Final blow and push them back into the ocean from whence thy beast came from BACK into the ocean You foul best you! ok and send thank King of Calradia sighing off"

Rules of Hamor's channel

1. Do not ******** edit my description or anything to do with my channel if i found out you did and i see you agian i will perm ban you and **** you as a warning you ******** ediot!

2.  Dont piss me off im the king of calradia for a reason.

3. Troll lcc to be in this channel you need to troll lcc otherwise **** off

4. Tell other people to troll lcc!

5. Recruit people to troll lcc

6. Piss of lcc admins

7. Go overboard and abuse everybody in lcc teamspeak & troll the forums

8. Make utube Videos atleast half an houre long of you trolling on lcc Persistant wourlds

9. Dedicate atleast 2 houres of your day to trolling lcc in way or another

10. Acknowledge that i Dimos am  The king Of Calradia frequently when you join my channel because i bloody am!

A Word From The king Of Calradia

As you no i am Dimos and these rules serve as a ghideline of how i took the throne of calradia

Well i was just a plane Baddass Barron *****ness cant keep up with me il choke 10 of his admins to feed myself im the grand wizard,Warlord aka King of Calradia AKA The bridge troll barron banus thinks he can trit trot on my ******** bridge he stired up the rong  billy goat! i can say what i want to say because im dimos if i call you a ***** its because you are. Dimos is a Legend everyone spits saliva i spit lava there is a new law in town relize that im the captain and your the lieutenant i have been here longer im the king of calradia and i stand much stronger im  as a raw as a dirty needle if i shoot up lcc aint nothing to it im dimos i do what i want your all a bunch of nappy head dickheads stupid school kids that come on voip channels after scool and play computer games **** off just because you have a headset on does not mean you are in the FBI stupid kids **** of on back to school and put on your dora the explorer back pack you potato pants!

Barron Baanus i am the Community
Dimos: i am the king of calradia

What happens
If I shoot up your Forums
if i shoot up your teamspeak
if i shoot up your servers

i get banned?

and come back and do it agian

Barron Baanus AKA Tony Abbot Quote

Dimos m8tttt what have ya done to my servers your killing the community 

Dimos:Hey Barron hows it going

Barron: hey Dimos how have you been

Dimos: im just ******** your mum barron not mutch

Barron:User Dimos has been banned from the server

2 weeks later Dimos comes on as an alias:Klerance

Klrance enters the channel with a few Lcc admins Barron is inside

Klerance:Hey Barron

Barron:Hey m8t were all playing vikingr you should hop on

Klerance: yea i heard about that il hop on hey barron im ******** your mum is that ok? with you

Barron:you are banned from the channel Reason,Consistant abuse Consitant Abuse bull**** it was not consistant

Klerance starts laghing, inside he relises that he is the king of calradia and he will troll lcc forever!

2 years later the date is semptember the 12th 2015 lcc is officialy closed Barron Bannus states  the reason we are closing well aint nothing to it Dimos King of calradia made me do it!

thank  :cool:

Meevar the Mighty

Sergeant Knight at Arms
Ah, I remember when Vaims first publicly tasted his own poo. Nice to hear he's still drawing the crowds and still finds it surprising and worrying when he anally utters a greenish one.


dimos1 said:
Hey guys my First song is nearly down and will be put on youtube Real soon few Moore days as a Treat i have the lyrics to my new song here it is enjoy

Someone needs to submit this masterpiece to the National Gallery of Australia so it can be preserved...


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dimos1 said:
Hey guys my First song is nearly down and will be put on youtube Real soon few Moore days as a Treat i have the lyrics to my new song here it is enjoy

Please can you actually put it on youtube
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