Unresolved Audio Glitch

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I've been having a problem with the audio in warband making a loud cackling sound and not producing any audio. All suggestions I see for this on the internet want me to go into the rgl_config and change the use_winm audio setting, which I have done numerous times without any effect. Any help or potential solutions would be greatly appreciated. (I've already switched it to and from SSD and verified files)


From experience audio glitches need to be reproduced, to definitively identify the exact scientific cause of the disturbing glitch. That is what makes science, science.
From here, without the benefit of science, i can not give a scientific explanation.
Here is an educated guess for you to scientifically reproduce. In your school gymnasium, use your cell phone to call your friends on theirs, while the both of you try to talk to each other from on the same bleachers. Then while talking, move either closer or farther apart to see if you can cause or change the sound of an audio glitch. If you have success, we call that, audio feedback. It sounds creepy, because of the echo effect in the room. As you talk into yours, your voice comes out of the other’s, bouncing off the wall and back to yours, causing a yelp to escape the other’s, and that yelp returns to your again. Scientifically, it is called an echo feedback problem or glitch.
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