Attrition for Campaign Map?

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What would be cool to add another strategy layer for the campaign map, is adding attrition for your soldiers. In other words, you can't keep pushing them forever, they need to break once in a while.

Maybe add a slider on how fast you want them to march, increasing the slider consumes more food and morale steadily decreases but your speed increases. Eventually they become so wared down they slow to a crawl and you need to break 1/2 day or 1/4 day.

This could also give certain factions more flavour by adjusting their attrition rates. Sturgians for example, could be sturdier people because of living in colder climates. So maybe they can march for longer periods before needing to rest.

This could balance the Khuzait out a little bit as well. They are excellent sprinters but need to rest their horses often. It could mean rapid expansion in taking over land, but requires rest in between.

It would add another thing to think about when putting together your army. Do you want fast horses sprinters when putting together your army, quick expansions, with much rest in between.? Or do you want a slow marching infantry line towards the capital?
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