MP Musket Era Attila the Nun's Skins. Prussian and chasseur Greatcoats Released

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Everyone loves the Death Korps of Krieg So had a quick go at a Grenadier Model

A WK40 Request




I tried using both your sword and cavalry animations and something strange occurred with your cavalry animations. The normal sword animation worked fine, so did the cavalry charging one. But when I was sitting still with cavalry the guy kinda holds it to his neck and it looks really awkward lol. Great mods & Skins btw
kpetschulat said:
3. Bataillon von Brunswicker Infantrie would probably be the best choice. Or, you can do the Bataillon von der Garde. The most iconic Brunswick troops are the guard troops, which is what I mentioned. But, the 3. Bataillon von Brunswicker Infantrie is a basic line infantry unit, and it would make sense to replace the KGL with them. However, it is ultimately up to you.



I think the 3. Bataillon von Brunswicker Infantrie would look great ingame, its a difference to the same old boring Garde Bataillon.
Talking of uniforms with totenkopf headwear badges, I've improvised my own 5th Hussars hard fabric mirliton, want to see it?
Anyway to get 2 of your skins to work together? I really want to use your Scottish light infantry with your Scots Greys but they use the same file.
I'd have to warn you that I'm not much of a modeler, I'll put it up soon.

Edit: And here they are: the Husaren Regiment No. 5





There's a sort of flap that's missing, unfortunate that my skill isn't high enough to do a better job and going on pictures I have seen of the totenkopf mirliton I hope I've not made it to tall.
Before you fully go on hiatius from modding Atilla can you please make an addition on how to 'replace' the head gear of the Heavier Cavalry with your current tutorial so I can finish my own mini mod.

I LOVE THESE SKINS! UR AMAZING MAN! How did u do skins and what programs did u use because i would like to make some someday.
kpetschulat said:
Omega_007 said:
My Austrian pre-1798 casquet is here, along with an HRE saddle cypher:


That's really cool! Do you have a DL link for it? Does it replace all Austrian Cavalry hats?

Really? I was under the impression not many people cared for the Austrian casquet of 1790-98...

I don't have a download link for it, and for the time being it does replace the cavalry helmets.

Could you make out the Francis II cypher on the saddle?
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