MP Musket Era Attila the Nun's Skins. Prussian and chasseur Greatcoats Released

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kpetschulat said:
Yeah, you should help out the AZW team with models and textures. They're currently, not that great.

Willhelm has really invested time into learning some of the more advanced things and something he modelled and textured for Hinkel is looking pretty great.
What software do you use to edit all these skins?
and also can you make a skin like mixturemash's idea of a Crimean type grenadier or guard with a bearskin hat or 36th or 45th grenadiers, i think the minty green looks good for the uniform
like these:

those look like the British 17th Grenadiers on the 1st page :razz:

Those sweedish look pretty awesome too :p

berserkergang said:
Finally got back round to my British soldier from the Zulu wars would be a shame to let it got to waste.

The uniform is based on the movie rather than the historical uniform. (Picture taken in the Anglo-Zulu mod)





Still need to make a helmet plate though.

Is there a mod for that standing animation? the one where he holds the rifle to the floor rather then shoulderd? 

3. Bataillon von Brunswicker Infantrie would probably be the best choice. Or, you can do the Bataillon von der Garde. The most iconic Brunswick troops are the guard troops, which is what I mentioned. But, the 3. Bataillon von Brunswicker Infantrie is a basic line infantry unit, and it would make sense to replace the KGL with them. However, it is ultimately up to you.


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