MP Musket Era Attila the Nun's Skins. Prussian and chasseur Greatcoats Released

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What on top of this

I am aware of that fact but if you were truly worried about being historically acurate you wouldnt use textures. It's about making them look awesome.
Well there are accounts of british guard grenadiers taking their bearskins on campaign with them and possibly wearing them at Barosa

Depends what time period your talking about. Alot of my skins are uniforms that were not being used at the time the game takes place which i think is 1813. British regular infantry grenadiers still had bearskins until 1802 and after that only the Guard regiments for ceremonial purposes.

But I think mixturemash was talking about a more Crimean war looking Bearskin british unit
Was bored so thought i would have a go at turning the inniskilling dragoons into 1st lifeguards (need to make the belt white).


You've just made me very happy, I can't wait to download it.

Remember the Royal Household insignia for the belts etc, looks similar to the Horse Guards Blues insignia (they were of the same corps, anyway).
Loved that game...

Curious, that humble pioneers should warrant a braided uniform.

You could probably do all the Prussian troops from that time, as all the ones ingame are pre-1806, they'd fit the revolutionary period perfectly.
Not touched them since the screenshot, it was abit of a spur of the moment thing no idea when i would ever get around to finishing them.
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