MP Musket Era Attila the Nun's Skins. Prussian and chasseur Greatcoats Released

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berserkergang said:
Probably got more than I will ever be able to finish.

You can always make a suggestion but i can't guarantee that I will make it.

I prefer to make ones that are interesting(like the  Prussian Grenadiers or the Swedish Lifeguards) not just a simple recoloring of a vanilla skin.

Possible ideas for future skins

Danish Grenadiers
Saxon Garde du corps
Prussian Garde du corps

Is there an existing download link for Prussian grenadiers? I've not been able to find one myself, either here, nor in the custom skins thread.

I agree with WaffleBorn's suggestion about the British light dragoons.
Perhaps the 13th Light Dragoons, "The Green Dragoons" Mr Banastre Tarleton is the master of sexiness... well... next to the Prince of Orange of course  :mrgreen:
Hmmm whats better for the French Chasseur a pied?

The standard ingame Great coat
Or a longer one with ripples.
Some units do have that like the British 95th

But that multiple possible uniforms needs to already be in the game.

I can only replace the current uniforms I can't add extra ones. If i did you would not be able to play online.
kpetschulat said:
berserkergang said:
Yep or or the server might think your cheating or summit when it discovered extra models being added.

Lol, that's ridiculous.
not really since someone might change the texture to a bright white or something and it would be easy to see and that can be consider'd cheating
It would appear I have ran out of time today but here's a sneak peek of tomorrow. (forgot to remove the plumes and that from the bearskins)




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