Attempting balance in a feature incomplete game is a bad idea.

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I'm not going to write 3 paragraphs since we have a dozen forum topics on similar issues, but I'm going to quickly get my 2 cents off my chest then go eat an empanada and pick up some horse manure for my garden.

Spending time trying to balance the money-management aspect of the early game when its so feature-bare is a huge time waste. There are multiple aspects of the workshops, that we've seen, from woodshops to pottery, that aren't working properly or implemented. In general the early game (pre clan rank 2, pre-vassal) is very feature bare and I'm giving TW the benefit of the doubt to assume they're not content with it as is. Why try and make it more of a slog when its missing features and the majority of the game that needs to be tested at present is well after this point?

Why are we trying to put a 1-5% risk factor on caravans at this stage of development, when the very economic engine that drives profitability is likely going to change? When the way our companions manage recruiting, upgrading, etc, clearly needs refinement? Heck, we can't even play meaningfully as a bandit but we're focusing on essentially an RNG mechanic for caravans?

The obsession with caravans and profit is just really weird when the combat AI has gotten worse since launch, spears and formations don't work, and there are core features that are still done better in VC and even Warband.

TW, I love ya and think you guys are the bomb, but from my outside perspective your focus seems a little whack. My layperson advice is this:

Manage your game holistically. Get all the features you want in, running bug free, and then balance them and ensure the intended challenge/player experience is correct.
I guess you are right, in the meantime if you want balancing, the modders usually got you covered. New systems and features should be the focus now, not getting the current game perfectly balanced. TBH I even think fixing non-gamebreaking bugs is not worth it atm, doesnt it just slow down developement overall?
The horse archer perks are essentially still broken and they are trying to balance the economy.

Alright then.
Well, there are a bunch of features they didn't put in the game intentionally yet, as was seen in Panzer's thread about all the commented out parts of the code.
I'm guessing they want a stable foothold for further additions to the game.

It's only a guess, though, I don't know what goes on in TW.
Oh, and I'm happy with this hotfix we got today, the A.I., at least in the tournaments was a lot better.
I think most of the perks are still broken. I picked an extra party size perk last night that definitely didn't do anything.

Yea the Community Patch mod fixes that one as well as the Quiver size perks and almost ALL of the Steward perks.

But on topic I've already said this in other threads.

Get all the features into the game, get all the bugs worked out, then work on balance, until everything is in the game and working, balancing is just a giant waste of time. Sure, different people work on different stuff, but whoever is managing over there needs to put the economy team to work on something actually useful, like making the perks work or adding diplomacy or making sure towns don't instantly run out of food the second they become under siege.
I agree, for my point of view the economy situation wasn't bad, at the start we had the workshop which produced far too much money but that was fixed in the last weeks and now i think they produce the right amount, the caravans didn't give you a game-breaking amount of money.
I think the main focus should be polish the Ai,both in campaign and combat, fix the perks and the soldiers stats.
After that you should be able to introduce new content and balance everything.
I agree as well. There are core game aspects that are missing so attempting anything with balance right now is kind of a waste of time. I mean take a look at influence. My current character has over 12k worth and I am constantly running around with armies of around 1000+ and constantly feeding the army influence to keep it together for hours at a time. I also vote on everything and I still can't spend more than I earn.

However, it is obvious that there is so much missing from the game that you could use influence on like influencing your ruler to make you a candidate for any given fief or paying individual lords specifically to support you in trying to get a policy pushed forward or using your influence to "Arrange" a marriage, etc. There are tons and tons of things that could be and I hope will be added to the game to flesh out the influence system so if they attempted to balance that now, without all that, it would be a mess.

Same goes for the economy. There is just so much that isn't in the game yet, making changes without that just seems like a recipe for a mess.
It does make no sense to limit how fast players can reach mid/late game while also expecting them to test the game.
In that case we should probably tell the people on this forum to stop complaining about changes to the economy, otherwise the devs will waste even more time with it.
On the other hand I don't think that a large part of the development team is occupied with these changes so it hardly affects development at all.
As a third option, how about we let them do their work while we point out issues and bugs?
The more I think about it the more I tend to conclude that economic balance is probably the last thing to be achieved in this game given most things can effect the economy.

What annoys me about the caravan thing is they didn't really add a new feature to caravans, which would make sense. If they were like "Hey your Caravans can get raided now BUT you can ride along with them and we put in a few caravan defense battlemaps, and you can tell them to stick to safer routes from reduced profit with less risk" it'd be cool. Most people would think its fleshing out a component of the game to be deeper - exactly what EA is for!

But now its just "lol hey ur caravans gone nothin u coulda done bud"
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