ATS has a 64 player server for AtlasNovus mod (new units), Wednesday 6pm pst

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Best answers
ATS is using this "AtlasNovous" mod for Wednesday weekly event.

This mod has 1 new unit for every faction, with the exception of khergit that has 2.
Some changes to equipments as well to diversify unit types and offer more teamwork elements.
There are special features from this mod:
(1) Throwing War Spear: allows you to throw your spear as a last resort, high damage and usually 1 hit kills but travels slow and low
(2) Victory taunt by pressing V (may have key bindings conflict though)
Also some exciting new maps

Server name will be called "ATS_NEW_UNITS" (Approved for use by the modder),108760.0.html

Troop types:
Swadian Crossbowman
Swadian Infantry
Swadian Sergeant
Swadian Man at Arms

Vaegir Archer
Vaegir Spearman
Vaegir Guard
Vaegir Horseman

Rhodok Crossbowman
Rhodok Pikeman
Rhodok Sergeant
Rhodok Horseman

Nord Archer
Nord Spearman
Nord Huscarl
Nord Scout

Khergit Footman
Khergit Mounted Skirmisher
Khergit Mounted Archer
Khergit Lancer

Sarranid Archer
Sarranid Javelineer
Sarranid Footman
Sarranid Mamluke