At the beginning of a siege battle, the attacking side should have to move siege ladders to the wall

How much would you like this feature to be implemented?

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During a siege I think it would make more sense for the attacking side to have to carry the ladder to the wall rather than the ladders already being at the foot of the wall. I understand it might be a little late to include this and get it working and animated but I think it would be nice if it's possible.

This would also help balance sieges more in favour of the defending side, as the attacking side would suffer more before being able to get onto the walls.
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I agree that more ladders would be nice, but I think that suggestion deserves its own thread.

I also think that added to that suggestion should be that ladders can have more positions on the wall and that ladders should require resources to create (I.e. X amount of wood per ladder) that could then help balance how many ladders were used each time and create sieges with different numbers of ladders from the attacking side. You could then also use a similar resource based system for all siege equipment.

Although again I have no idea how much work these suggestions would require in order to be implemented.


At the beginning of a siege you should decide how many latters and siegetowers you would like to build. In the Siege Scene you decide where to position the latters and the units to carry the latters. The enemy will try to destroy the latters or make them fall over with anti latter sticks and axes.
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