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I'm attempting to add player faction troops to Warband via Morgh's editor. I've already created the troops in the troops.txt via Morgh's and assigned them to the player faction, but they are not able to be recruited from player faction villages. I just started this thing yesterday so I'm still new to Morgh's, but as far as I can tell I think I've got everything set up correctly so far.

I've found a .txt tutorial that describes how to get the recruitment working, but to do so I need to edit some lines under "update_volunteer_troops_in_village" in the script.txt. The only problem is that no such line exists in my script.txt. I've scrolled through the entire document, attempted a CTRL+F and searching "update", "volunteer", and "update_volunteer_troops_in_village", but there is no such line in my script.txt file.

Anybody have an ideas as to where this line is, or if it exists anymore? The .txt tutorial I attempted to follow was for Warband version 1.113, and I'm running 1.174, so I'm not sure if that's where my issue is or if it's something else.


You have to use official module system in order to modify update_volunteer_troops_in_village script.
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