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I am creating this new thread from my post in the Vassal ranks thread. It's a simpler solution and would be easier to implement. I believe this feature has a lot of potential, and I would love to read some feedback and have it hopefully incorporated into the game one day.

I would suggest a simpler system to the one I initially proposed in the other thread. The player/clan leader can assign fiefs they own to their own companions. That companion will be responsible for the construction of buildings within that fief, the fief's daily focus, the management of the militia of the fief, the defense of the fief in case of an attack (with the ability to contact the clan leader for assistance), and the maintenance of a garrison that he pools inside the fief and uses to maintain his own army at capacity as well as to defend the fief. The companion will independently raid/conquer nearby enemy settlements or join a larger kingdom army. He manages all those aspects of the fiefs and keeps everything in balance. That companion will be part of your clan and sworn to you, but will essentially act as a vassal of your clan, and an under-vassal of the kingdom.

It would essentially be an enhanced replacement of the current Governor position you can assign to companions within your clan over your fiefs. That position as of now however feels quite useless, and could be renamed and repurposed into the suggestion above. It would also kind of merge into itself the "create new party" function, since that companion will now maintain a party of his own that defends the assigned fief. The companions/family members to which you grant those fiefs will not just become governors, but fully independent vassals ruling over those fiefs and sworn to the player/clan leader. The clan will become a sort of smaller faction within the kingdom, with its own vassal structure and power struggle.

The companion will take a share of the income from the fief as his own, so it is up to the player to decide wether he prefers managing that fief on his own and get its full income, or assign it to one of his companions and get only a fraction of the income.

Optionally, for some more fun, a companion ruling over a fief could rebel against the clan leader. A companion ruling over a fief could also go to war against another such companion within the clan, and the matter would be settled by the clan leader. In that same spirit, clans should be allowed to do the same with other clans, and with their King, within a Kingdom. Faction colors would change appropriately to events. However, this might be a layer of complexity that is too much and might not fit with the direction the devs want to take with Bannerlord. Maybe a mod idea for someone?

Overall, all of this would add an additional (and IMO essential) layer of complexity and fun to the game, and would help simulate a more realistic world with a more realistic hierarchy within each clan and Kingdom (instead of a world where the player has to run around between his 5 fiefs to assure their proper defense).
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