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Assemble the dragonbanner too short time

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Hello! When i finished the "Investigate Neretzes Folly" quest i had 5 days to talk with both Istiana and Arzagos. When i had talked to both of them and gotten the final banner piece i had less than a day left on the quest, how am i supposed to find, siege and take a settlement in less than a day? When i played this game a year ago this wasnt the case and i had much more time. Is this a bug that theres only five days to complete all the requirements before the mission fails and can never be done again?


It's a chain quest with a shared time limit. When you first receive the quest to speak to lords about N's Folly you have three years to finish it, I believe. The thing is that you don't only have to finish that part of the quest within a three year period, but rather every part up and until you make up your mind about how you want to use the banner.


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If you played for like 10 years it's normal for the quest timer to run out, but if by chance you're much earlier in the game it may be a bug that need reporting.
Anyway, I'm a big advocate of ignoring the dragon banner quest and just using the make kingdom button. If TW want to do-over the main quest and make it more interesting and actually teach the player useful steps in progressing in the game and culminating in creating own faction, that be a good idea. But for now it's all annoying and no payoff and causes many new player to make kingdom unprepared and ruin their game.
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