Aserai Vanguard Faris' armor looks a little awkward.

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Right now, the gear stats are fine for what the troop is supposed to be but the silvery Southern Scale shoulder armor and purple silk aventail of the Southern Noble Helmet really clashes with the dark mail, brown leather and tarnished brass embellishment of the Stitched Leather over Mail body armor.

I would suggest the Eastern Studded Shoulders and Southern Lord Helmet as a better look without changing armor values too much. The Eastern Studded Shoulders have a similar brown/tarnished brass color scheme while the Southern Noble Helmet's gold silk (?) complements the brown and tarnished brass better than purple.
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I would rather they went all the way back to having them in the Eastern brass lamellar get up they had before, but yours's is an improvement. It just kind of strikes me as a bit Khuzait, but then again the Aserai and Khuzaits share a lot of gear.
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