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Aserai cavalry/heavy infantry troop tree is locked!

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Hello everyone,
I may or may not be the first to report this issue, but I still want to adress it in this thread.
Everytime you go to an Aserai village, you're greeted with the fresh recruits that want to join your army.
The only problem is that those recruits are always the same: Aserai tribesman/ footman/ archer (and very rarely the Aserai youth).
At first I didn't notice this was wrong but it stood out to me that the troop tree did not have any cavalry.

The troops that are supposed to be recruited are the tier 1 aserai recruits, which can be later upgraded into mamelukes.
I hope the devs quickly fix this issue because I would really like a cavalry focused army.
(I know somebody already made an unofficial fix to this issue, but I hope an official one will come sooner than later)

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