Resolved Arrows and spears disappearing in dead bodies [BUG?]

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Hi, i updated my game to the beta branch 1.4.2 and i noticed that when a troop dies every arrow, spear, etc that they had attached to their body disappears. This is intended (for performance reasons) or it is a bug? i didn't find any mention to this in the patch notes or anywhere else.

If it's intended, can you guys add a option to let this props stay on the body, like it was before this patch ? It's kind anoying walking across the battlefield and see a bunch of props disappearing in front of you.
Same problem. I hope they add that option or someone makes a mod that fixes it. Even Warband still has this feature, kinda sad to see them downgrade.
still in progress what is this? this feature already have and they remove it so it should be easy to get it back
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