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Agincourt was won because of difficult terrain, horses got stuck in, the arrows weren't the problem, but in the chaos the English archers killed off the knights with their cludgels. Also the Armour wasn't as fluted as a late 15th century armour is. It's the fluting or correct bending of Armour that makes the arrow not pierce through. So it should penetrate lamellar or brigandines without any problem for it is not as effective against arrows as a fluted Armour like a Gothic one.
archers did do a lot of damage at agincourt, they only fought with melee weapons after their arrows were all shot, which happened during the main push, which came after the knights were mostly defeated already. the main problem the knights at agincourt had was that not all plate armor was made of high quality armor, most of the plate armor used there was made of low quality metal.

it is true that well made plate armor, made of high quality metal is quite strong agains arrows. but not all plate plate armor was that well made, or of the highest quality metal. the well made armor of the highest quality cost a fortune, even most knights were not able to pay for it.
The questions at the bottom of this are whether higher-tier armour should generally offer significantly better protection against ranged weapons - and secondarily, whether lower-tier ranged weapons should have significantly diminished performance against armour.
Currently the game's answer to both is "no". It takes a major leap in armour protection to survive three arrows to the chest as opposed to two, and even then the next enemy need only sneeze on you to finish you off.

Arguments from realism aside, for gameplay purposes this means even the most basic archers remain a significant threat to you and your best troops regardless of how far and in what directions you've progressed. I'm not against that generally, but it needs dialling back by no small degree imo. I wouldn't want to be able to simply ignore archers with impunity because I'm wearing the best armour in the game, but at the same time I don't want to be practically just as vulnerable to them as I was at the start of the game.

A damage-threshold system, and/or some armour types being given a chance to deflect projectiles and/or armour quality and/or in-combat degradation would add more tuning levers to the relationship between ranged weapons and armour and add depth where there currently is next to none.
Bannerlord takes place in the past, armor isn't as strong as it was in Warband. There is no plate armor in game
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