Arrow Barrels improvements for sieges and crossbows

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Siege battle realy need some small improvement that would make some playthroughs much more viable:

Arrow Barrels should also provides bolts and javelin/throwing axes (the last two could be discussed). I went for a crossbow playthrough, and their only advantages against bows is precision, while a bow can have more ammos, can move while reloading and can resplenish them in siege. Because yes, unless it's an issue on my side the barrels give you arrows when you have a crossbow equipped, which are useless

The attacker army should also get some barrels, albeit not as many or requiring to go to the rear, I doubt anybody would assault a town without ample amount of arrows/bolts.

Hopefully we will see at least part of these improvement


I just want to be able to tell my troops stop shooting catapults while their teammates are climbing to the walls and to be able to tell my troops that they need to use the siege tower instead of committing suicide on the ladders

But yeah your suggestion is pretty inspiring as well
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