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While I recognise that Bannerlord cant be everything, I think the developers would agree that the game is first and foremost a medieval war and battle simulator. The biggest problem with this aspect of the game is that once you have an elite army and lots of money it is far too easy to win every battle. You can literally have one or two towns and be able to defeat pretty much every army that comes your way. Once you have more towns its not even a challenge. And this is without even recruiting any AI lords to help you.

I think the first suggestion I would make is to link party size to the fiefs your faction own, with only some smaller buffs for the character themselves. This would at least mean there would be a need to get more fiefs to compete with bigger factions. This could be weighted so that the AI was less reliant on fiefs to field larger parties. The solution does not have to be exactly as I have suggested, but the central point is to make it harder for the player to defeat other kingdoms, therefore making it more likely you need to stay with a faction to wi. Or, if you do want to go it on your own it will be a long haul to succeed and will require help from other lords. There could also be a relationship between fiefs and the amount of parties your clan can field.

Second, I think sieges should be far harder and more drawn out affairs. It should take months to crack the walls of a level 3 town or castle and your men should suffer attrition without sufficient supply lines. The enemy sieges should be stored to be used in defence rather than destroyable on the campaign map. This would make it far harder to take castles and towns against anything approaching similiar numbers, and would give a lot more time for defenders to reinforce. Parties which are close on the campaign map should be more inclined to break in and help the defenders or should be allowed to come in as reinforcements during the battle from behind your lines. Defending castles should also be far more difficult, with the enemies inclined to wait out until food supplies run low, impacting on your morale. The AI should always build adequate sieges for the assault and should aim to destroy walls completely before attacking. AI could also allow for catapault siege fire before advancing. The ability of the AI to do this and your ability to defend it should be based on engineering skill. This would make it harder to defeat overwhelming odds without adequate preparation.

The final addition I would suggest is that there needs to be more active kingdom management including court, policies, taxes, events, income, corruption, trade etc. Some nobles should be ambitious to take your throne while others are loyal. Issues in the provinces should be common: disease, fires, revolts, rebellions etc. Feasts should be introduced and there should be more reason to marry your relatives off to powerful families. If you go away on campaign its imperative you leave the kingdom in good hands. If you come home and go to your capital then when you press wait you should become the ruler for that time period and events could occur that require attention. So much could be added in this regard to make it more interesting. I also think a simple thing to add would be trade agreements and these should be crucial to your income and ability to export goods and collect duties. It would make alliances much more meaningful if they were rooted in trade as well as military interests.

Final, final one. Please unlock the battle size to allow larger battles. The mod for this shows it is entirely possible to have 2000 units in play at one time so I think this should be an option for players with better PC's. The game is awesome with more troops.
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