Army Cohesion Reset. Thank You Taleworlds

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So it looks like army cohesion now resets after battles or certain conditions are met.
Currently playing battanian as a vassal and traveling with caladog. We're able to fight multiple huge battles, siege and win a few castles, and the army cohesion is dropping slower and replenishes. The way it should be. Before it was always one huge battle or one castle siege, then the army dispersed.

Edit: Ai even stopped along the way to stop an enemy siege before going on to siege a castle themselves. I hope this is just a coincidence as before, ai would stop their mission and go across the map just to stop a siege. This really threw the focus off.

There are even two armies following each other on the field instead of one huge 1000+ army. I think this further helps the cohesion.

Thank You Taleworlds.
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