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Currently, army cohesion changes depending on the army size only.
I have an idea on adding a feature to determine whether an army is cohesive or incohesive, depending on vassals personality traits and relationships to each other and to the army leader.

Cohesive armies: Are given certain buffs. such as, slower cohesion drops or since the vassals tend to like and agree with each other already, adding more cohesion would cost less influence.

Incohesive armies: Are given debuffs. such as, cohesion drops faster, the army leader must be influential in order to keep those hateful & disagreeing vassals together so adding cohesion would cost more influence.

And it doesn't have to be what I suggested above, they were only mere examples for the idea, the devs may add anything they see fit.
I know that such features may limit players from having bigger armies, but it would certainly add immersion to the game.
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