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Armor values for mp classes

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Hello, I was wondering what's up with armor values shown in armory.

For example Aserai Guard looks fairly armored compared to Sturgian Warrior, yet they have the same value for armor stat. Another example could be Vlandian Peasant Levy - the base class has 5 armor, but if you choose Improved Armor the model gets gloves and a thing around the neck but the armor value raises almost 3 times. In fact hardly any armor value makes sense among mp classes. Is this the same in single player? I haven't played it yet.


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Hello, I was wondering what's up with armor values shown in armory.
The developers chose to simplify the armour system in multiplayer to "make it more intuitive". As you rightly pointed out, it does the opposite, since the armour value often doesn't make any sense with the actual armour that you get.

This is not the same in singleplayer: in singleplayer you can select each piece of armour (helmet, body armour, shoulders, hands, and feet), each with their own armour value tied to their location. This is intuitive, but for some reason was removed from multiplayer.


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They changed the armour looks already, and we were told then it will be an ongoing process. So to speak, the current appearance is placeholders for when they actually get around to balancing classes.
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