Armor still in lack of arrow deflection effect and sound

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It's known that in warband,even without the animation,good armor activate arrow deflect sound by taking rare or no damage from an arrow's shot.This is a realistic design cause it do happen in the real world,and also a success in numerical aspect.There's light bow and powerful bow in warband so as the armor,hence it has the use of protecting character.(I think there also should be perks making arrow attacks ineffective by deflecting them,that's pretty more reasonable and helpful than previous "arrow deflection perk" of two-handed weapon)

But bannerlord has been so long ignoring this detail and archers are still too powerful,because T2 of them can even deliver much damge by one shot.Generally speaking,the biggest problem is damage logic of multiplayer mode applied mechanically upon singleplayer.Those archers really need to be weakened from T2 (not the T5)to make difference of strength throughout their levels.They need not make too much damage to ensure both simulate and field battle are progressing smoothly in single player.

What's more,these numerical design always show no expertise,because Taleworlds is short handed then very likely to let programm designer share responspility,and eagerly accomplish these works not specifically belong to them.As a result of series of mistakes,everyone can easily point out how many properties of equipment are not proper including too powerful range weapon,shields all uniformly with the same size and durability,unenhanced strength of leveling up soldier,weakly heavy armor defending etc.The balancing issue can never be truly resolved unless Taleworlds hire some professional numerical game designers,instead of forcing programmer to do everything.If this can't be avoided,you should at least choose a period of time to let them trained on numerial stuff then complete related works.
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