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Introduce new sound effects for hits/impacts depending on armor (fabric, leather, mail and plate) and maybe weapon type (cut, pierce, blunt and projectiles).
Introduce new sound effects for character movement (e.g.: metal banging, clanking and rattling) also depending on movement and action (stationary, walking or fighting).
New sounds for weapon on weapon hits would also be great.
Besides this, the whole battle ambience needs more screaming, rumble, murmuring for each battle stance or phase, it really adds a lot.
@Kabraxis @Dorn you may have something planed already, it would be nice if you tell us what you think and maybe droop some details.
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That was an interesting watch, yeah this would be a nice addition.
I think they reduced the overall sounds to improve performance but i am not sure. I think i read that in one of the patch notes.
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