Armor Rebalance: Deflect vs Piercing Chance

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It is likely that the dev team is already working on a solution, but I wished to throw my hat into the ring.

How many of you readers have played tank games? Or atleast played a game where tanks are semi-realistic? In these kinds of game, tanks aren't just moving and shooting HP pools, which shots cause damage and which don't are usually determined by 2 statistics: % chance to penetrate and % chance to deflect. Obviously, tank games have other calculations to account for, but this is a medieval sandbox, so let's stop it at that

Currently, armour values merely absorb damage. If you're getting poked with a wooden pitchfork, it doesn't matter if you're shirtless or in a brigandine, it's still going to hurt, it just changes how much hurt you're in for. I argue that weapons should have pen chances, different for swing and thrust, and that this should be contrasted by a deflect chance on the piece(s) of gear impacted, in case more than one overlap (like, say, on the arms) a median value should be used. If the attack pens, the usual armor calculations for damage should take place, including when accounting for damage types.

Now, what about Blunt damage? I am of the opinion that it should still come with piercing chances, thus accounting for narrower vs broader designs for hammerheads, but it receives generous cuts to damage reduction if it doesn't pen the armor piece

I am aware that throwing yet another statistic into the mix could be a headache to rebalance, but I am of the opinion that simply pushing the number up and down wouldn't be a satisfactory solution.
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