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What happened to armor in Bannerlord?

I've heard people say that it wasn't great in Warband but I dont recall looters in Warband being able to put a DENT into you in the late game.

In Bannerlord any old looter trash with a rolling pin and play-dough ball can take a big chunk off your health in a hit.
It's pretty insulting really. All this awesome looking (currently bugged priced) armor that you work to and hype for, and it barely means squat where the worst unit in the game is still a threat.

I was hoping that armor would be more effective in Bannerlord. I was very disappointed finding it to be much worse.

I recently took 74 damage from some unknown source while absolutely covered head-to-toe (including 66% damage resistance, so pretty much a one-hit-kill in normal) and kinda just gave up and looked for a mod to fix it.

There is a mod called Realistic Battle Mod that massively increases armor.
The mod has its downsides and silly imbalances itself, but already the game is immediately more fun and more rewarding. Its also an enormous amount of fun having a proper slug-fest with another elite troop covered in armor, slowly chipping away at their health. Its really fun.
The game is generally better with this mod.
Archers are still broken as hell just as in the base game, but its a massive improvement.

The way I see it, the damage reduction of armor isnt high enough at the moment.

Blunt damage especially basically ignores armor. I really dont feel comfortable two-hitting a knight with a good mace. It shouldnt be that good.
Blunt is also the reason why looters are able to do damage to you. Some of them have blacksmith hammers and of course the fkn rocks, meaning that if they hit you they are guaranteed to do damage. This shouldn't be the case. Taleworlds might be using movies as a reference for how effective armor like Mail are, when in reality that stuff could be really bloody tough stuff.
Blunt weaponry in Warband wasnt as OP because they typically did much less damage. I recall one handed maces doing damage within the 20-30 range whereas good swords and other weapons doing around 40-55, meaning that blunt weaponry was basically guaranteed low damage to high-level heavily armored foes. In Bannerlord though, good maces seem to do 50-70 damage anyway, which is still a likely two hit kill.

Piercing damage is also really good against armor. This is a reason why archers are so OP.

Cutting damage isn't great against armor but the damage of so many cutting weapons is so damn high that it doesn't even matter, such as the Billhook and the like which can still kill armored foes in a single hit.

Im curious what the reason is for why armor was nerfed in Bannerlord...

Elite troops are oddly cheap in Bannerlord. 12 gold for a high tier troop seems a bit low, but in fairness, Bannerlord is on a larger scale, so maybe that is why.
Bannerlord doesnt treat high tier soldiers with armor with the same value that Warband did, and that sucks to me. I like the idea that the game rewards upgrading as opposed to just making everyone super cheap and expendable, which doesnt make sense.

I think what needs to be done is:

- Blunt damage, piercing damage and cutting needs its penetration reduced

- Price difference between troops should broaden, elite troops should cost, but also be worth it

Blunt weaponry should be utilized against armored targets for higher penetration, lower damage.
Cutting damage should be for seal-clubbing low tier trash with agile, low penetration-high damage.
Piercing weaponry should be somewhere in between.

At the moment they all do the same thing.

On paper this could be done without having to alter the damage of each individual weapon and unit in the game. Correct me if wrong.

Armor should actually function, especially in a game where in the battlefield you only have a single life, you want some longevity and a taste of the action that makes the game fun.
There is also the realism aspect that people have hammered on the forum to death. Mail armor, which is common in the game, was very tough historically.
Most importantly, it would make archers and horse archers less overpowered, in real life one of the counters against ranged weapons... was armor. There are many excerpts of arrows just bouncing off armor.

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