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"Armor Mod for Viking Conquest" replaces the giant chest and shoulder pads look of Vanilla Viking Conquest, with a more realistic appearance closer to Warband. It also adds polished landscapes and terrain with careful attention to keeping good performance in battles.

It can be obtained in both Moddb and Nexus
I recommend you combine it with VC Balance Mod 13.0 also available at Moddb and Nexus

You can reach me here or at the submods channel at Discord: https://discord.gg/b5ddSHK

The Mod can be installed on top of either Vanilla VC 2.054+ or VC Balance Mod 13.0+, by copying into your Viking Conquest folder and overwriting

"Vagn's Armour Mod" for extensive use of his textures and work. Thank you Vagn! This mod would not have been possible without your generous support
The many mods and sources that were used by Vagn, including: Taleworlds Team, VC Team, Brytenwalda Team (OSP), CWE Team(OSP), Vikingr Team, Narf of Picklestink (OSP)
VC Balance Mod 13.0 for the Swedish troop tree in the mod preview pictures: Moddb
Kauna for the use of her many wonderful visual mods, including shield textures, banners, ships, and sails
Brujoloco for his wonderful banners and sails
The great testers at the Hooded Horse Discord submods channel, especially Luc and Old Greybeard
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I will write here.. not on Steam.. Hi Ale.
Why do you write about fixing tons of VC bugs if VC Balance mod is a tweaks-mod focused on the visions and the wishes of your community.. this is not a VC bug-fixing patch.. or am I wrong? I don't remember a “ton of bugs” in VC, although I've been modding for this game for a long time..

Bug Report:
Open your resources in OpenBRF and click scan module for errors and you will see a “tons” errors ( 2348 ).
Hi ha3481, if you check the changelog of balance mod 13 available on the discord server, you will see what bugs i meant to, but let me give you a quick example, if you really played vc, you would have notice than in sieges sometimes on the enemy side you will get +50 knocked unconcious enemies out of nowhere, this have been fixed on the lastest version of balmod alongside many other things vanilla vc had.
Thanks for downloading the mod and making the bug report how thoughtful of you! I will check it out when I can
Haha not what i meant apologies if it did offend you, when I started modding i couldn't play that much as before, because of the time it took me, so i would just test my new features and perhaps fight a few battles to test performance and that would be it, so no really playing in there, but as you say yourself you have been modding this game for a long time, so you probably don't have that problem any longer
all right.. i didn't want to offend anyone either..
and even the horse in the hood, which spammed all the topics of this game with its changelogs :wink:
Hi ha3481!

First, thanks for the recent help over messages, it was very much appreciated.

Yes, Balance Mod is an unofficial fixpack for bugs as well. We left the "balance only" notion back a long time ago, but the name just stuck. :wink:

Two minor examples of bugs fixed by Balance Mod (which I also reported here https://forums.taleworlds.com/index...-forts-and-overwriting-of-king-renown.427823/):

1) Tournaments are starting in forts when AI lords call a feast, because the script is missing the check to confirm it is a town and not a castle (simple triggers has those checks, so they don't replenish, but it still gets initially set once when the feast is assigned.) The tournaments in forts generated by this are bugged--when they begin the player appears in an open field, and goes 1v1 against an AI. I think because the game is trying to launch a tournament in an arena scene that doesn't exist for the castles. Fixed by adding a check of (is_between, ":new_object", towns_begin, towns_end),

2) All 21 AI kings have a high initial renown set in scripts (example: (troop_set_slot, "trp_kingdom_1_lord", slot_troop_renown, 1200), ), however, it never shows up in game, because this appears before the random renown generation formula, and there is no exclusion in that one for kings, so their renown just gets overwritten and ends up the same as normal vassal lords. Fixed by moving the set renown for kings after the random renown for lords in general.

I'm not sure what you mean by "spamming all the topics"--I only post in my own thread.

Do you mean that Balance Mod is stickied to the top of the Steam forum? https://steamcommunity.com/app/48700/discussions/6/

One of the VC devs made that decision, I didn't request it, just one day arrived and it was stickied (it was very nice of them, I was honored to see they would do that). I do try to be a good member of the modding community (for example, I gave Blood Eagle my source files, and now Blood Eagle runs on Balance Mod 12.0).
Ha3481, you don't need to convince me you are friendly!

I should say this publicly: you are an absolute hero. You figured out how to upload VC mods on the Steam workshop, then shared that knowledge. You are exactly what every modder should be in terms of collobrative spirit, and personally, I feel that I owe you a big favor, so if I can ever assist you, just let me know.
Thanks for the bug reporting Ha3481, just checked this out with a few modders and those are just "ordening problems" or "duplicates" fortunately this issues doesn't affect performance so there is no need of any tweaking in this case. Thanks for your feedback. Best regards
Hi Ale__
Since December 2016, there has been a spoiler on Dark Age modification page explaining the use of this mod's resources..
Cannot use the Dark Age assets in any mods
I already asked you in a private conversation a few years ago and also asked you the other day, but you ignored it.. so I'll ask you again here..
Why are you using Dark Age mod resources in your Shieldwall Song mod without permissions, violating the rules of decency of the TW community?

You cannot use the assets (da_xxx.brf/da_xxx.dds/da_xxx.wav and other) of the Dark Age mod.. This is not an OSP

over these few years, with minimal skills working with openbrf, notepad and a simple graphic editor, you would have already made your graphics pack no worse.. but for some reason, with a stubbornness worthy of a better use, you continue to try to use what is denied to you.. moreover, this is not the first mod that goes down this path.. you guys are weird..
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Ale__, renaming all prefixes from da_ to ss_ and zam_ is a decent solution.. :grin:
just rename it and no problem.. ingenuity worthy of pride

for moderators: I remain my post about using assets without permission in force.. but I have no complaints that would require any sanctions against the user.. this public declaration is enough for me
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