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Armenian Genocide (?)

Do you believe?

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These are the facts:
1) Taleworlds is a pro-Armenian company
2) Posting pro-Turkish propaganda will get you banned
3) Bannerlord is a dead mod and will never be updated

Keep these in mind while you browse the forums. Thank you for your cooperation.
Is this a ironi?
TaleWorlds is a Turkish Company based in Ankara


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Because I'm not an ultranationalist and haven't built my personality around the country I identify myself with.
I will just assume everyone who does not agree my point of view is either an ultra-nationalist or only viable personality they have is their national, geographical or civic identity.
Technically even that wasn't a fully genocide:many natives survived.The only complete genocide is the tasmanian genocide--->again freemasonry fault!
I wouldn't say "many", that's a huuuuge overstatement, even though some still live, many of those are culturally genocided (bear in mind I'm talking about north americans, south america is better in terms of nativety, but those got horrible massacres and atrocities committed against them as well), and they don't have the lands they used to own. I mean you could say that about the armenian genocide too perhaps but the thing with middle east is that people come and go all the time, and many people live side by side, multiple ethnic and religious communities, you can't just say "HURR DURR ERZURUM ARMENIA FUG U" and start a rebellion, you just can't, or you can, and get killed in the end. Of course there were very bad things done by the turks, people massacred their neighbours, my great grandparents lived in that era and that's what they said.

Also another full blown genocide example is the tainos, there are very little left, and those who are left are mostly mixed, I think puerto rico has a relatively decent population of them but over all they're incredibly dense in the carribean.

What if the proof you have is propaganda as well?

Maybe let's also share that the article that you posted was authored by:

Orhan TUNG, Press Counsellor, Turkish embassy in London

You know, for context and stuff :smile:

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Written by
" The Turkish Embassy’s Orhan Tung "
so it was written by a government agent on official duties to solidify the turkish state propaganda outside of turkey. Yes, you got us all convinced.


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I was not being ironic.

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Okay, so I didn't imagine him offing his account for a year. And there were two threads, too.

But still half a year is a bit stretchy to class as "Over a decade."
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