Armenian Genocide (?)

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What do you expect? He's one of the forum's Turks. Most of them are a very well-"informed" lot who know exactly what their government wants them to.
Well at the beginning was just "killing random armenians because there was a rebellion", but wasn't a big problem and wasn't a real the beginning. Ottoman Empire was just a multietnichal empire based on a dinasty,not on a race, the problem was when freemasonry got the power and pretend that Turkey was lived only by turks even if it wasn't true. So freemasons are responsible for the genocide for a very short time (still enough to  be deadly to many armenians), but it is false to say that turks spent centuries killing armenians.
In Italy freemasonry has done even worse: they forced all to speak Fiorentino, a minoritary obtain this they made a cultural genocide,for this reason the culture in Italy sucks after the unification of Italy!
When ottoman empire was falling down ermenians occupated the Eastern Anatolia cities.(because of russian provacotions) And Turks have to get back the cities from armenians.And Turks attacked to them.And lots of armenians died in the war.But Western countries understood a genocide.

Genocide isn't this.Genocide is NATİVE AMERİCAN KİLLİNGS.
Janissary1453 said:
Genocide isn't this.Genocide is NATİVE AMERİCAN KİLLİNGS.

Technically even that wasn't a fully genocide:many natives survived.The only complete genocide is the tasmanian genocide--->again freemasonry fault!
I am sure they are talking about these guys.

Their music really is capable of bringing people to commit genocide. You clearly haven't listened to "Heartbreak (Make Me A Murderer)". :razz:
My opinion on the matter: OP is an idiot.

Oh, and OP, why, if you're so proud of being turkish do you have a janissary as you're avatar? The janissaries were mainly not turkish or even islamic, but christians captured as children or teens and coerced into serving, and due to the wonders of psychology eventually would become more loyal than the regulars, who were turks.
After 1593 Turks could enter Janissary corps thus it completely consisted of Turks afterwards. But yes, he isnt that bright since there are 4 options representing 2 opinions in total.

Anyway "popular flow of belief" is towards genocide yet they are failing to explain (actually not attempting at all) the millions of of Armenians originating from Turkey, due to 1915, yet according to claims only few should have survived (Yeah, like 50k or 100k according to claims). Also Armenians killed like thousands of Muslims in eastern Turkey, and forced even more to flee to Central Anatolia, AFTER 1915. Well being such badasses, who can genocide them? Lol. They're just being whiners imo, Armenia wasnt a 100% Armenian land too when they were first established you know, they did their share on ethnic cleansing too. They even killed like 12.000 Azeris right in Baku before Turks arrived in 1919. Yes, Turkish forces occupied whole Armenia in 1919 yet there were done no ethnic cleansings on Armenians. Which is a wonder, Turks being evil orcs that are hunting Armenians.
Nope, since you could not witness it you can only believe that it happened or not. Besides even though you should witness it, you might not agree on the same verdict as others.
Gravity is a fact, history is not.
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