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Evilknightz said:
Does this game have some kind of scenario editor? If so, I need it, now.

Has an inbuilt editor which is easy to use. There's a fair amount of scripting involved if you want to do complicated stuff but it's pretty easy. There's two different ways to code, either using sqs or sqf. I am still stuck on sqs but i've started using sqf a bit as well and will hopefully make the shift at some point but I still find sqs pretty powerful.
I used to play this, I lagged so hard though  :cry:
How's OA? Worth getting? Might upgrade my comp for it, looks awesome visually.
A_Mustang said:
If you want ARMA II PR, you need OA.

Now how do i install the new campaign you gave us?

unzip the files into your C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\Missions

folder assuming that's were you installed Arma2.

After that the missions should be visible in singleplayer/scenarios on the ingame menu.
Sorry for necro, but I think it's better to do so than start a new thread.

Just got ArmA II and ArmA II: OA. I want to ask, anyone, who have ATI Radeon HD 48xx card, is having problems with graphics sometimes in big cities and near objects?

Also, I want to ask, do you have any good sites for add-ons, singleplayer missions and stuff?
Armaholic seems down for me too.

The mission editor is awesome.

Here's an intro I made a while back for my mission (link is a few posts back).

CrazyIvan said:
Marcus Fulvius Optimus, you might want to check out BIS's official forum for troubleshooting and addons/user missions: http://forums.bistudio.com/

That was of course the first I did. I already solved the graphic problems playing on low texture detail/graphic memory. It looks bad (my computer could run much higher details), but at least it seems playable.

And I checked these addons, but I want some well-arranged sites with tons of addons, like my old OFP favourite, not just read through endless threads.
Aye, it is hard to sift through all the community made missions, as many are for multiplayer games, yet the thread titles don't indicate whether they are single or multiplayer ones.

I've had Arma 2 ages, but hadn't played for quite a while. I just got a new PC last week though, and have now bought the OA expansion plus the BAF DLC (British Armed Forces). I've had some great multiplayer games in recent days in OA, especially on a popular 'Hold' server. This game mode is PvP, Takistanis against Americans, and each side contests about 5 or 6 bases/zones, capturing each one by getting men close to the flag.
I am a necromancer and a necrophiliac, and I have a huge hardon for ArmA II because my computer is an ancient piece of **** that can't really handle ArmA III.

Which of you play ArmA II Actively online? Tell me how to get started. What's fun. What's great. What's good for complete newbies who have only really played OFP and a bit of the first ArmA. I have combined operations installed.
If you're looking for PvP, hop onto a Warfare server. If you want PvE, try Insurgency or Domination. If you want a Persistent World type of thing, do a Life server.
We could always have a TW group. I don't have 3 yet and would welcome playing some missions with other TW'ers.
aas games are pretty good for PvP as well.

I'd love to have a TW group but I personally prefer playing PvP.
I used to play with a clan called Cerberus 5 gaming. They're probably still around. It would be fun to play with these guys with a TW group.
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