Argyraspides [EU]

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Commander : Nicanor

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We are Polish clan, and all orders are given in that language. If this isn't problem for you, feel free to add me on steam or just join our teamspeak server and apply.

The Argyraspides (in Greek: Ἀργυράσπιδες "Silver Shields"), were a division of the Macedonian army of Alexander the Great, who were so called because they carried silver-plated shields. They were picked men, were commanded by Nicanor, the son of Parmenion, and were held in high honour by Alexander. They were hypaspists, having changed their name to the Argyraspides whilst in India under Alexander (Arr. Anab. 7.11.3). After the death of Alexander (323 BC) they followed Eumenes. They were veterans, and although most of them were over sixty, they were feared and revered due to their battle skills and experience.
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Shorter - elite infantry unit of Macedon army

Informtions about our phalanx
We are a quite new formation in the RaW community but we have already played our first battles and we are going to become one of the best clans. Most of us are also members of a NW cavalry regiment, 14pk. That also gives us the advantage of experienced commanders and skilled players.

Informations will be constatly updated
Thanks to lysy for his help in creating the topic


List of our screenshots :smile:


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Goodluck Matim hope you guys are as good in this as you are in NW would make for some very interesting SB's.


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Good luck Matim, I hope that we will meet on the Shieldbattles!
Powodzenia wam :wink:.


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Had a nice battle yesterday, can't wait for the next one :smile:
Got a nice ss