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Come test it with us in our new Test server. Check in with us on our TS chi2.thegamemonsters.com:9997 for info on when and how to get in to beta testing.

Welcome to the Argos Server forum page. We are a new friendly NA Server that aims to make playing pw fun. We offer a banking system for gold and items as well as other services given by admins.  We have a dedicated admin faction that is on at most times to make sure that someone is around to help.  New players will earn 5000 gold to start off their journey.

Server Rules:

1. Admins are not here to give you money or items nor will we cater to your every need. Admin faction is not here to fight your wars.  Play the game how it is supposed to be played, mine ores, chop trees, butcher animals, etc.

2. If you wish to bank anything you must come to the Spawn town where the Admin bank is.  We will not teleport to you unless absolutely necessary.  If you need help finding the bank, an admin may assist you.  We do not teleport because we store your items and money in special locked chests to keep it safe.  Always remember your password and Locker number when asking to withdraw.

3. When calling for an admin, please use the designated admin chat button (backspace). Please do not spam the global chat with cries of "Admin Admin!"

4. We do not allow RDM (Random killing).  If you wish to kill someone you must have a reason, and role play it.  If you are caught in RDM, you will be warned only once and locked in jail for a short time. Second time you will be kicked from the server. Third = three strikes you are out (banned).  Please DO NOT RDM!

5. You can not break into other faction's castles unless role playing it.  We do not want to see people breaking down all the doors of other factions to steal money or to get it.  If no one is there and you wish to join a faction, ask an admin to open the door.  It is a pain in the butt to rebuild doors. You cannot raid/siege/capture any castles when there is no one on in that faction.

6. We use a New Life rule in our server.  Once you kill someone, you may not hunt them down again.  They are a new person an as such you 'do not know them'.

8. Please try to stay in character. We do not like seeing NW tags in the server all the time (1stNOG for example).  If you are a persistent faction, faction tags are acceptable.  Never use [A] or [M] tags as those are designated to admins and moderators.  If you are seen wearing those, you will be banned on sight for impersonation.

1. There is a designated Outlaw camp somewhere in the map. As such, outlaws will not be a kill on sight.  Please roleplay all encounters.

2. Outlaws may rob whomever they choose.  Unarmored players may only be robbed of 500 gold or one item equal to or less in value.  Armored players may be robbed of 1500 gold or two items which sum to that amount or are of lesser value.  Be warned, if robbing a Town Watch or Protector of the Realm, you may be killed by said faction member without roleplay.

3. When taking a prisoner, you may not kill them.  You must roleplay the encounter, and may not harm them unless with an unarmed fist or kick.  Again, you may not kill them, unless they try to run away.  If they escape, you may pursue until they reach the limit of a castle or town which is being occupied by players. Once they reach there, they are 'safe' and you may not kill them or recapture them.

4. Slavers/Outlaws may sell captives where ever they wish, but we wary of Town Watch whom may frown upon the practice.

5. Outlaws may steal from castles if they pick lock the castle and chest.  Please roleplay it if you are within earshot of other players.  IF you are caught in the act, you must roleplay the encounter an may run the risk of being killed by that faction.  An admin may ask for details of what happened if a kill is made.

1. A faction may claim the land around their castle and may tax anyone whom enters (excluding Brotherhood members).  The tax rate is the same as the robbery rate: up to 500 for unarmored, up to 1500 for armored.

2. When declaring war upon another faction (you may not declare on Town Watch) you must state your reason in Global chat, and wait 30 minutes before attacking.  This is to ensure that all factions involved have plenty of time to gear up and be ready to attack or defend. Use this time to recruit mercenaries, fortify your defenses and come up with a battle plan.  If you wish to capture the other faction castle, you must come to the Admin castle to buy a faction banner.  Faction banners will cost you 5000 gold each.

3.  Please no offensive names, or stupid faction names.  If we catch you, you will be asked to change the faction name. If you do not comply, you will be kicked from the faction.

4. If someone is caught in your land, you may not kill them on sight. You must roleplay the encounter and give them a change to explain their situation.  You may still tax them, but try not to kill them unless there is a good reason.  You may be asked to talk to an admin about that reason if you do.

Pricing Chart for items:
1 storage unit for items- 2k a month
Banking coin- 2% interest
Taking out a loan with the bank- 10% interest

Rules are subject to change with the situation. We will try to be consistent with our Server's needs.

Application to join the 'Admin' faction.

Steam Name:

RP Name:

Will you follow the rules and attend regular meetings with the admins to be up-to-date on the rules?

You understand that joining admin faction you will not be spawned money/items. You will, however earn a salary in due to your position in the faction.

Do you have TS? yes/no

Upon submission you will be asked for a short interview in our TS.


Yeah sorry about that, it was 2 am and I still have to finish the post. I was gonna wait for the rest of the admins to go over the rules and help cover everything.

Stunned Lime

Best PW server ever! It has a good amount of player , amazing admins and not only that but banking! Keep up the great work lads , I am having tons of fun playing :smile:


Hello. I discovered today that you are using a slightly edited version of my map "Lilac" on your server without my permission. I hope you understand this is wrong. The only place I intended this to be used was on my server, and would like you to take it down. I haven't publicly released it, but I probably will sometime in the future.

I'm glad you enjoy my work, but I'd rather you get permission first.


Thank you all. I am glad you are enjoying the server. We try to do our best to be fair admins and ensure everyone is having fun in a troll-free environment.  :wink:


Bumping. New rule will be set for the new map that is being made. Rules will cover raids and occupying castles/forts.


Argos now has a Test Server which runs our new map in Alpha mode!  Pleas come to the Argos TS for information how to get in to test the map. Daily/Weekly updates are to be expected!  TS: chi2.thegamemonsters.com:9997
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