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Arena suggestions and problems

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I like the idea of practice fights and tournaments, they seem like fun as an idea and they give the player a risk free way to earn some cash and test our combat skills against real opponents aswell as presumably develop those skills, especially useful for new players who don't know how some weapon mechanics work.

The only issue is.. arena fights and tournaments do not level up our skills at all, and when going into a practice fight the npc you talk to says ''pick a weapon on your way down'' - You can't actually do that, you are forced to use a random weapon - I get it, in a tournament it probably should be random, but a practice fight? Please let us actually pick our weapon at the very least for the practice fights and make it so that our skills improve.

Also, archer enemies are incredibly accurate no matter who is using the bow, even a damn peasant who has possibly never even seen a longbow uses the weapon with godlike accuracy, they never miss even if you zigzag and if you are fighting multiple opponents and some of them have bows and you got no shield - you are likely dead.

Also, why are the rewards non-existent for beaten opponents? this encouragest me to just huddle up in the corner and wait for the last guy standing.
1.1 gold for any beaten enemy in this case.
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