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Download Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/2263

About Map:

The legendary map "Arena", which we all get used to and in our hearts, is now on bannerlord.I made an updated version of the warband arena that I had done before, working with new versions. This version is also in 1:1 size of the warband map just like the previous one. I think it is extremely enjoyable and fun for multiplayer. The new version is here without any errors. (let me know if there are bugs, I'll keep improving the map)

V2 Changes are;

- Added stone version of the map, with rain and thunder.
- Maps optimized for multiplayer.
- Adjusted Navigation Mesh for bots.
- Made compatible for mods such as Battle, Tdm and Skirmish etc.
- Improvements have been made for artificial intelligence.
- Light and shadows have been re-adjusted, existing bugs have been fixed.

Now there are 2 versions of the map, one is the sand arena and the other is the stone arena.

Old Arena (Sand Version)

Stone Arena (Rain and Thunder Version)

Can I use the mod?

The map is now in its second version, it will be updated against possible errors. I added "SceneEditData" to files too. You can use this maps in your servers and mods freely. Just don't forget to mention me and the Wicked Tavern Fanatics somewhere! :smile:

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to the Wicked Tavern Fanatics clan for whom I made this map together and who helped me in everything.
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