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What up with this MOD?? ive been playing mount and blade for years and have never seen this BS.... Tournament... Captain Buro is Undefeatable?? I hit that guy with 40 arrows plus my teams arrow hits and NOTHING!!! but he gets just ONE hit on me or just ONE arrow hit on anyone and Instant Death?? even with full health...??/
Unreal....I will be deleting this Bolt of Crap Lightning MOD with a QUickness...BAD JOB!!!!


Well I see this mdo still dosnt understand balance.
This guys experience are exactly what I delt with when i tried this mod. It's rather horrible, the lords are so overpowered its nto even fun, even basic units can kill you in 1-2 attacks on 1/4th damage. Its like chaos mode on dynasty warriors, but worse as your weaker.

I know theres a problem when it takes 40 guys on hroseback to take down one

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I can fix it, - character screen - statistics - Charexport MB directory - chars name - Money - 999999999 - strength 20000 - agility 200 - charisma - 999 - Then set all skills to ten and proficiencies to 699 and then import your character - Happyness.


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what i mean is for example, i was seiging a barbarian city and it took me, no joke, 20 minutes to beat the lord and a broken keyboard from mashing the health cheat. he could 2 shot me and level 25 with some of the best armor in the game. so yeah, i can understand the guys frustration.


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:twisted: yeah i'll admit massive cheating must be done to win this game  :mrgreen: that is if you've not bugged out.


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NOTE:this mod was made for veterans of m&b.not for beginners but i must say a good way to solve the problem is fighting as companion.
also pls add freelancer to this.i would love to play as holy man at arms  :grin:
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