Are we ever going to get more customization options for our clan banner?

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The Great Grub

The options are extremely boring and is extremely limiting on what you can have in terms of colour
Why can't we have 2 or more symbols and put them wherever on the banner we want
Why can't we rotate symbols
Why are there only a limited number of colour options
The list goes on

Ser Jon

No. You are to deal with the comical amount of customization you have and use 3 different mods to adjust for it. Enjoy.


No no no, creating a banner is way too complex for players to understand, it needs to be simple and easy like a nice children's colouring book


Knight at Arms
All they'd really need to do is add more colours, allow multiple symbols plus freedom to move/rotate them, and add background designs (which already exist).

Ser Jon

No, what they need to do is improve the whole system. Instead of reducing us to placing their pre-made and quite frankly disgusting looking charges onto a singular color, they need to allow us to import our own designs directly into the game. A sort of hybrid between Bannerlord and Warband. That way, there are still the pre-made charges and those of us who would prefer something that looked good, could create and import our own creations.

That is of course never going to happen, because TW leadership seems to be content with mediocrity and so long as their audience allows that to continue, they will have no need to change a thing.
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