Are there players playing multiplayer "right now"?

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I want to know if it's a bug. I wanted to play bannerlord multiplayer (first time since beta) but I literally can't find servers. I chose Capt Skirmish & Siege yet players searching with your criteria is 1 and total players searching is 1 and I believe that's me lol. The custom server list is empty too, when I join a custom game there isn't anyone.. I think this should be a bug (I play on 1.5.5 version, should I download 1.5.4?)


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Not sure then, should be plenty of players there. Could be a bug but not sure. Just queue for all modes and stay in queue for a bit and see if you get in would be my best advice.

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There's normally people on TDM or Siege.

Just make sure to use the custom server list and not matchmaking when looking for siege games.


Use customs for TDM and Siege
Beta servers have alot of players when it's after announcing so now it's empty
For matchmaking (captain/skirmish) I guess you need to search in 12:00/13:00 - 1:00 CET


This whole beta branch thing is weird if u expect to find players ur chances will be rare to none, unless u get a few friends to hop on, stay on the live branch for mp
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