Are there any possibles that Minor Clans have their own hideouts/castle?

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iirc the Devs said something like "we could but what would be the point? What would the player do thier? What does it add to the game" and somehow that led to it not getting in the game rather then imagining some simple, interesting features to fill those blanks.

I'd like it too. Maybe they have a base that's like a fort + village and you can do quest for them and recruit thier special units if you get +rep. Maybe you could take it over too and make them homeless or they become you underlings :smile:

SO many fun things that COULD be put into the game.
Yes, the ability for players and NPC to create their OWN settlements would be cool .... BUT sounds like alot of work for developers especially the AI. Probably better as a mod from a keen gamer.
I'm not sure that I fully understand your question @makibae2k21 but we don't have any plans for anything along the lines of what Ananda_The_Destroyer and archaicwarrior suggested.
If i may: i think what they mean is: will the clans that can get enlisted as mercenaries (i assume those are the minor clans) get their own little hideouts, unique to those clans
Why would they need hideouts instead of residing in the towns of whatever faction hired them?
It really feels like one of those suggestions where people go "oh that would be cool", but not think through what would be the use.
There's no point giving hideouts or castle to minor faction. Maybe a base of operation (within certain city) at best where you can meet their faction representative and do some quest for them.
There's no point giving hideouts or castle to minor faction. Maybe a base of operation (within certain city) at best where you can meet their faction representative and do some quest for them.
that's a cool idea, kinda like chapters in a certain town for minor factions, it would be cool if you could sponsor them by giving space in your own town so they would be based there when not in contracts, be unable to take contracts against your faction (you are their sponsor after all) and spawn a few of their recruits in your town alongside normal ones for example.
The Fourberie (Roguery) mod, which adds menu options to all Hideouts, is the way I would go with this idea, although the "minor faction alley" idea of yangot (above) is good too.

I'd make the Faction Hideouts into "Baileys" with wooden walls; ie, a different type of spawning base.
One thing i would like to see with the minor factions is a way to recruit their troops, for example they show up in taverns to hire. Also the top tier troop for them should be tier 5 rather than tier 4. These should be specialized/elite troops imo rather then just a generic mid tier unit.
We don't have any plans like that either, but it sounds like it could make for a really cool modding project!

Have you plans to make minor clans units easier to recruit for the player? Currently, the only way we have for recruiting these units is making them prisoners, but this does pretty hard to replace them after losing them in battles.

Would be possible to add these units as mercenaries in tavern for recruiting them? Keep in mind that you have worked hard on creating these units but they feel a bit wasted because the player is not able to use them which is sad. Making these units easier to recruit could improve a lot the mercenary path feeling for the player, and adding this change won’t require much effort. Just make these units recruitable in taverns please.

EDIT: another option could be to allow the player to talk with minor clans members to buy these special troops.
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I wish minor factions were like prophecy of pendor, doing quest, gaining their relation up, recruiting troops, and gaining their armor and weapons.
TW would never do that because it's more work for them. But by god they'll give us the best sheep textures and barber features they can. :iamamoron:
I'd kill to have PoP in the Bannerlord engine with these graphics. :neutral:
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