Are the cRPG devs lying or TW really this bad?

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Correct. Native mutliplayer servers have been a disaster since launch and constant crashes are a primary reason for low player count IMO.
TW is looking into it and apologizing for the crashes for 3 years now. But don't forget, this is still an early access product...oh wait.
If you're trying to do a perception manipulation of the cRPG mod run here, that's not entirely true.

Likewise, as another MP mod project (Sword & Musket) I am absolutely sure that cRPG's technical problems are caused by TW. Because we see what happened.
Devs play their game, it's just that people in charge of the decisions at Taleworlds are so incompetent and they don't care about multiplayer.
Been playing the game since the beta, I can assure you that any server crash happening right now has been happening in the past 2 years without a fix or care
Considering they "full released the game" with broken server and crashes just shows how much they care about the MP
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