Are my specs too low ?

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Hey, my first surprise was to see that I can't run this game properly ! I've got an Nvidia 950M graphic card, a good i5 processor and I can't even play well on low, were the graphics are worst than Native ! I'm very disappointed concerning the optimisation of this game, because I think most of the player will have a similar PC. I managed to play correctly Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3 on it, why not Bannerlord ?
That video card you have is almost on the level with an integrated card. It's also 5 years old. You need a new Computer man, it sucks but you need to save up some $.
Well if that's the case it's gonna surprise lot of people using a dishwasher to run warband... Anyway it's probably for the best if the game requires some power, the work on the graphics seems nice. Still that'be the first game I'll have problems running, even if the quality test and the game said it was fine.
Your specs are quite bad. It surprises me that you are able to play witcher 3 and fallout 4 with decent enough fps. This game should run on the specs required for witcher 3 and fallout 4. Time to upgrade maybe. Or wait for some optimization but that might never come because it runs quite well on systems at the moment.

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950M is a 5 yo laptop gpu, laptop gpus didn't even have the same performance levels of their desktop counterparts before Pascal. Even with a GTX 1050 Ti, I feel the immediate need to upgrade. Sorry to say this but PC gaming requires you to upgrade your hardware often, you can't just buy the lowest gpu of a generation and expect to play games for 5 years. That said try medium settings and test through different combinations, low settings did the opposite effect for me where my performance became worse when I tried it.


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I have similar specs and run fine on lowest settings. Have you switched v sync off, limited frames at 120, and turned down resolution scale as well? These helped for me.


I have that 950m as well. Just lower your resolution to 1600:900 or lower.

I even have some settings like character detail on high.

ofc it stutters but thats because I havent cleaned my laptop in a while and my CPU gets very hot, but it is playable to the point that I only have my lack of skills to blame for my low score


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I've got similar specs and similar issues - witcher 3 runs smooth, bannerlord lags like crazy. At first buying ssd was enough to play bannerlord somewhat comfortably, now it is unplayable again. I don't think that a mindset "buy better computer for a game" is a good one, especially since one can be much disappointed with the said game. M&B runs heavily on mods, as Warband came out majority of players still played M&B even 3 yrs later thanks to the mods. Once the game gets polished, some good mods come out - then it will be the time to buy a better PC.

I would not be surprised though when by that time the game will be optimised enough to play on an old PC, provided that you have SSD to handle those 40-60GB
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