Are legendary weapons supposed to be like that?

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Just a high lvl char killing looters, hard to say if is balanced or not by just watching this, I know that 2 handed axes are very powerful on horseback tho, not so much when you get dismounted and have to face heavy infantry with spear and shield.

Crossbow Pig

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I mean, you probably had to grind a lot to be able to craft that axe in the first place and in the end, a crafted axe that deals 300 dmg is not very different from a normal one that deals 200 dmg since they both kill with one hit anyway, it may be OP but the grind required to make a weapon like that makes it ok in my opinion.


By the way:

All bonuses from legendary weapon dissapear right after you unequip this weapon XD. Or it is some bug. Becouse right now i have no bonuses at any weapon, that was "upgraded"
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