Archers with 2H weapons

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Please vote if you think Archers should have 2H weapons, Yes or No. (FOR SKIRMISH MODE)

My vote is: NO!
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Do you want to make a survey?

I think it's fitting for some elite archers but the possibility should be balanced by other factors. It's probably quite difficult to give archers a 2handed weapon option while not making it OP compared to the other perks an archer could choose.
Which game mode?

For captain, YES. Why? Give light archers (steppe bow, archer militia, etc.) 2handed weapons and make them full glass cannon. Because as for now, light archers are useless.


Archers are strong enough without the ability to charge in as shock inf if they somehow manage to shoot all their Arrows or get chased.
If an archer ****s up and somehow ends in the middle of a fight, he should be punished for it, not just switch to his "secondary" and two-hit every heavy inf in the game


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If you take away 2 handed weapon from archers they will become much more susceptible to cavalry, but palatine guard acting like a menavlion infantry with a bow and increased armor is not acceptable either imo. We're at a point where heavy archers are at equal or better melee level against heavy infantry.
It's like at a weird place, maybe nerfing 2 handers or archers' 2 hander skills might work instead of completely removing them?


Just like the Namakan 's thread I've shared :iamamoron:... I have no intention of boycotting your thread, I'm stepping aside.

At least enable a proper polling in header.
I prefer to keep it this way so that people also give their motivation as to why they think Yes or No. For example what Hooni said about doing something to the way Archers handle 2h weapons might be an option too
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