Archer targeting priorities

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Archers don't pick their targets properly leading to very awkward and frustrating staring contests in battle.

Observe my line of archers... doing nothing when there is a hostile line of archers within range just over yonder:

This isnt the first time I have witnessed this either.

The AI seems to be prioritizing cavalry > infantry > archers, however there are no cavalry, and the infantry are clearly occupied and they dont have a clear shot.

... So they should be shooting at the enemy archers.. Which personally, in games like Total War I would prioritize for archers over infantry as they prevent your forces from flanking, and that is certainly the case in this game.

We need the ability to manually target formations perhaps... like in Total War? Hell, every update this game seems more and more like a 'boots-on-the-ground' Total War game, and thats a good thing!


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We all want to be able to designate target priorities for our formations. There seems to be resistance to this from TW. It has been addressed in mods tho.

Right now... if I had the ability to focus fire through target selection, it would probably make battles too easy. Flanking cavalry charges onto archers and into the rear of infantry would be irresistible for the AI.

So before TW give us better unit orders, they probably need to give the AI better ability to see what we're doing and respond. In Total War games, enemy armies can see you flanking and send their cavalry after yours - or they can flank you with theirs even before you do. Bannerlord cavalry inevitably charge outside-in. The start out on flanks, and charge at your centre from in front. They don't know how to do a proper flanking manoeuvre and they don't know how to respond to you when you do manage to micro a good flanking charge. This would need to be addressed before they gave us focus options.

Inevitably, a battle starts with either an all out charge from the AI - front on rush. Or they sit on a hill in a circle until you shoot enough of them to make them all out rush you. That's about it. But perhaps that's enough if the game is about getting you into the thick of it? I'd need to be a fly on the wall in a strategy meeting to guess further.
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