OSP Kit MP Arch3r OS: Invasion mode - New expanded code being developed

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Hello Arch3r, sorry for my bad english. I need to ask a question. What are the commands to the AI bots use the siege equipment??

The Invasion mode OS is amazing!!!  :grin:
I sent the code in a private message to another mod developers. The thing is, the code at this moment is not at all plug-and-play. It means it's a mission template that's part of the mod I am working on, and thus has scripts, mission template commons, slots, etc. that aren't Native. And altering the code to something that IS plug-and-play or at least easy to inject would take time that I currently unfortunately do not have. I am currently busy trying to graduate from my university and as such do not have a lot of spare time. I had hoped to get this code up before that, but alas.
Thanks for the source code Arch3r. I success to add invasion mode into mod. But one thing I found the bots don't know how to attack the obstacles. How to make the bot attack the obstacles by themselves?
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