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Are you tired of playing with the same boring old banners?
I have created over 120+ custom banners to be used on singleplayer or multiplayer. It is a total compilation of all the banners I have ever created.
I put them all into a mod for you guys to enjoy, I hope you enjoy the bannerpack. This is not lore correct.

Link to the mod/add-on: Moddb.com/mods/apollos-hd-custom-banners/


## --- How to Install --- ##

Upon downloading, unpack the files. Place all files into the Warband Texture Folder OR you can place them in a specific mod such as Mercs, Native or any other mod you wish.

Non-Steam Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mount&Blade Warband\Textures

Steam Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Textures

## --- How to contact me --- ##

If you have any suggestions on banners I could add/remove from the bannerpack you can write them below or you can also add me on steam here ~ STEAM


I have also created a Tutorial on how to make your own banners, for more information go to this Thread


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[Bcw]Btm_Earendil said:

Hey man, thanks for your interest!

BNS Marko said:

Hah, You could also make your own Kingdom of Coca Cola :razz:

Antonis said:

Heil Hydra!

Going to add some new banners and replace some of the bad banners


12 GoT specific banners, Some new more HD banners (had an inspirational moment) and a few others which should balance out the bad banners in the pack for now.

If anyone has any suggestions for symbols I can use on banners. Or if you would like any personalised banners for yourself created you can contact me on steam!

Bannerpack updated!

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