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Don't know how private this is, but are you guys interested in new members? Id like to get into competitive warband and very much enjoyed watching you guys playing on twitch last year. I have around 2000 hours WFAS and WSE inc and have been playing since 2011. Like to think Im pretty good but would probably get wrecked by anyone that can kick properly xD.

Thanks, Saxon.
Sorry mate we're pretty inactive at the moment due to summer and other games.

We don't really recruit unknown players or players at least regularly seen on IG taking names. Until its closer to a tournament we're playing in we cannot really tell what type of players we need. If you want a join a top team then regularly topping the scoreboard on IG Battlegrounds is bound to get you noticed.

If you want help getting even better or information about the clan scene in general just add me on steam (chalfie) or drop me a pm.
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